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Sovaldi price

Even though sofosbuvir (currently manufactured by Gilead Sciences, Inc. and sold under the brand name of Sovaldi) truly deserves to be called a miracle cure that took treating hepatitis C to a whole new level, there’s a lot of controversy about the price it’s currently available at. Is its price so high because it costs a lot to manufacture it? Is it so expensive because the pharmaceutical company manufacturing it invests hundreds of millions of dollars into the research and development of other medications that can change the world? Or is it just a heavily overpriced pill that is used as a tool to stuff the pockets of Gilead’s investors with money? Let’s try to answer these questions as we compare Sovaldi and generic sofosbuvir and their price and availability in different countries of the world in today’s article.

How much does treatment with Sovaldi cost in developed countries?

It’s clear that in developed countries like the United States, Great Britain and countries of Western Europe Sovaldi price is anything but reasonable. Treating a US-based patient with hepatitis C costs between $84,000 to $168,000 depending on the duration of therapy course. And how long do you think the treatment usually lasts? From 12 to 24 weeks, believe it or not! That is $1,000 a day and it’s anything but cheap, for sure. The situation is better, though not much, in the UK, where a 12-week course of treatment with sofosbuvir costs £35,000 (almost $50,000). Priced at $100,000 (or US$75,000) in Australia and €41,000 ($45,000) in Germany, this medication seems to be barely affordable in all developed countries of the world.

However, don’t be in too much hurry to accuse Gilead of making their product unaffordable and just sitting there watching people with hep C die. The point is that most developed countries have complex health insurance systems where all expenses for even the costliest therapy are taken on by insurance companies or even subsidized by the government. A US citizen will only have to pay the whole of the monstrous price mentioned above if he or she doesn’t have a valid health insurance. Does it mean there aren’t any people dying from hep C there because they couldn’t afford access to Sovaldi. Unfortunately, there are – but, apparently, there aren’t enough of them for pharmaceutical moguls or politicians to want to change the situation.

There are, however, a couple of factors that might explain why the big people in Gilead decided to leave Sovaldi prices at their current level. First of all, any pharmaceutical company has to invest a lot of money into further research. And we’re not talking hundreds of thousands here – we’re talking billions, that’s how much it costs to develop a new drug that would really matter. Such deadly diseases as HIV, Ebola or, say, cancer, will always remain incurable if there isn’t enough money being invested into finding the right treatment for them. Secondly, every pharmaceutical company is a business and Gilead Sciences, Inc. is by no means an exception. There are people who invested a lot of money into this company and they deserve to get it back, maybe even with a nice-sized bonus because their money is helping the world to eradicate hepatitis C.

Generic Sovaldi price vs Gilead Sovaldi price

However, what if you are one of those unlucky hep C patients that don’t have a health insurance that would cover the cost of such an expensive treatment. Does it mean that you will have to choose between finding that crazy amount of money and letting hepatitis C slowly destroy your liver while you keep trying meds that are far not as effective as sofosbuvir? Fortunately, there is another option available to you as well.

Even though in most first world countries Gilead is the only pharmaceutical company legally allowed to manufacture sofosbuvir for treating hep C and sell it at whatever price they want, there are also certain countries that don’t recognize the legal power of this company’s patent. One of these countries, for example, is India where health insurance is mostly unheard of but pharmaceutical infrastructure is developed enough to make manufacturing complex drugs, such as sofosbuvir, possible.

And when you realize how cheap generic sofosbuvir is compared to brand-name Sovaldi Gilead manufactures, you will definitely understand that high price of ingredients and high requirements for production facilities are definitely not the main reasons why today’s most effective hep C medication is so expensive. If you travel to India, you can get you hep C cured there for as low as $900! And we’re not talking about some weird spiritual practices here – we’re talking about treatment with top-grade generic sofosbuvir!

And if you are not that much of a globetrotter or if your condition makes medical tourism look too challenging (we sure hope this is not the case), there is still a way you can resort to in order to get access to cheap generic sofosbuvir. Right, we’re talking about buying it online from Internet-based drugstores located in India, Egypt or Pakistan. Just follow the basic rules of buying generic meds online (shop in reliable online pharmacies only, stick to reliable meds with enough customer feedback about them, choose moderately priced products instead of extremely cheap ones) and you should be perfectly fine!

Safest ways to buy Sovaldi at a low price

With current Sovaldi price being way higher than what a regular person can comfortably afford, it’s absolutely no surprise that more and more people come looking for a way to get generic sofosbuvir. Unfortunately, you can’t just go and buy it from a local brick-and-mortar pharmacy if you are based in a country where Gilead’s patent is still standing strong – selling generic medications in these countries is considered to be against the law. So how does one get access to generics and avoid getting fooled by one of many fraud artists operating in the pharmaceutical market? Read on and we will try to answer this question for you.

The safest, though also somewhat costly way to lay your hands on high-quality generic sofosbuvir is medical tourism. You can always go to India, find yourself a reliable professional doctor and get your hep C infection cured with sofosbuvir+ribavirin+peginterferon under his or her supervision at a tiny fraction of the price you would pay in the US or Europe. This, of course, requires a certain amount of time to be spent on googling and searching for reliable hospitals and affordable accommodating for your trip but eventually it’s definitely going to be worth it.

If you can’t or don’t want to travel but still need to get rid of hep C, you can consider buying generic sofosbuvir online. Yes, you got it right – there are websites that sell in on the Internet. Some will ask you to provide a valid prescription verifying that you need sofosbuvir to treat hepatitis C and others will sell it on prescription-free basis, all depending on the laws and regulations of the country this or that site is based in. The main rule to remember when shopping for sofosbuvir or actually any other pill online is the following: always look for reviews and feedback from customers who purchased from this Internet pharmacy before. If there’s absolutely no feedback or a lot of negative reviews, avoid buying from that website at all costs. Otherwise, it should be relatively reliable. Additionally, you will need to pay extra attention to reviews from customers based in your country. How did they get their medication shipped to them? Were there any problems at the customs? The more you research before making the purchase, the more satisfying your experience with buying Sovaldi online will be.

As you can see, sofosbuvir is not a cheap medication but it’s definitely worth its price if you take its outstanding power into account. If your health insurance allows you to get the brand-name pill from Gilead without you going broke, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to resort to the practices described in the paragraph above. Hope the recommendations we provided will help you or someone you know forget about hep C once and for all.

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